Choosing the best music stand light in 2021

Searching for the right music stand lights to illuminate your performance?

Read on to discover five different stand lights that’ll fit with your budget.

A Problem Needing To Be Solved

We’re fortunate to live in modern times. Even 100 years ago, reading sheet music in a dark setting required straining one’s eyes by flickering lantern shine.

Gas lanterns were of course succeeded by filament bulbs which were usually way too bright or way too dim. They also didn’t last very long and until relatively recently always needed to be plugged in.

For those with imperfect eyesight, this could make playing in orchestra pits or unlit rooms very difficult.

The Answer – LED Music Stand Lights

Then came the space age of the 1960s. A new technology began appearing in jet cockpits, mainframe computer controls, and other specialist applications. That technology was LED lighting.

At first, it was an expensive technology of limited capability. But slowly over the decades LED lights got brighter and cheaper.

Finally, by the mid-2000s they had become cheap enough for widespread use in consumer electronics. This marked a tectonic shift in consumer lighting devices.

Not only do the best LED’s have a virtually unlimited life span, they can also emit any wavelength in any direction. This means the designs you are about to see have all been engineered specifically for reading off a page. They should also fit with any music stand that you may have.

These lights may superficially resemble their older filament counterparts. But the quality and evenness of the light they produce is almost miraculous.

Most of these models are capable of lighting every character on a page with near perfect evenness and no shadows.

Stand Light Features You Need To Know

led stand lightAmong the individual lights we list here there are differences and features you need to know.

The more expensive lights will be of ultra-high quality construction and the components will have armor-like resilience.

The top end lights come with rechargeable batteries and you can expect them to last a lifetime.

However, with the new LED technology, even the lower priced lights are a fantastic value. If you’re a serious musician who plays many gigs, a top-shelf light that you know is going to work every time you need it is recommended.

If you primarily need a practice light for home a less expensive model may do fine. Overall, what you should know is that cheaper lights won’t have rechargeables and will tend to run through batteries much faster. They will also tend to have a shorter product life.

So without further ado here’s our list of the best music stand lights in 2019.

Music Stand Light Reviews

Aria Brio R1 Rechargeable Music Stand Light Review

If you’re looking for a bright, rechargeable stand light that won’t burn your fingers and lasts for years – the Aria Brio R1 is the one for you!

The Aria Brio is designed with aging eyes and dim conditions in mind. It evenly illuminates a full two pages of music from edge to edge.

The bottom of the page is never cut off and the Brio shines with a pleasant warm hue, not the neon-blue that cheaper designs have.

Another big plus for the Brio R1 is that none of the light escapes under the housing towards the conductor and audience. This is often a problem with the gooseneck varieties.

A further feature that this model has is a dimming switch. It sounds so obvious but again, many cheaper models won’t have one (or you’ll have to purchase it separately) or only have 2 or three standard settings.

A dimmer switch will allow you to perfectly adjust for the ambient light wherever you’re playing.

And finally, the Aria Brio R1 is rechargeable and it has long 12′ lead to fit to reach outlets. The battery is internal and a NiMH.

You can recharge it in use and at it any battery level. The full charge will also last for a couple of weeks – which isn’t always the case with say NiCAD rechargeable batteries.

You do need to know the Aria Stand Light is designed for solid stands like the Manhasset, and not the collapsible metal stands. However, it will go with a Peak Travel Stand without any problems.

The major drawback with this one is the price. It’s a lot to spend if you’re looking for something for home practice – but could be essential if you’re playing different venues regularly.

You can find it for sale via Aria’s official website – but it’s definitely worth checking out the Amazon price for comparison.


  • Long-Life 100,000 hours LED
  • Cool to the touch
  • Light doesn’t escape under housing
  • Rechargeable
  • Consistently lights 2 pages
  • 12-foot mains lead


  • High Price

Lotus LEDLUX7 Review

The Lotus LEDLUX7  is a serious stand light for serious musicians.

It’s  14 LED’s are specially designed to evenly bathe the stand’s entire bookplate in 1000 LUX intensity.

This Lotus model can illuminate up to four pages of sheet music simultaneously making reading in the orchestra pit much easier.

The LEDLUX7 is also designed for quick clip-on, clip-off use. It comes with a neoprene bag that makes transporting it safe and easy. And it’s built with the highest quality components. Unlike some older designs, these state-of-the-art LED lights can last decades without replacement.

Another great feature with the LEDLUX7 is that it has two intensity settings. This can be nice in situations where you don’t want to interfere with other stage lighting or lack thereof.

The Lotus Music Stand Light is a premium product at a premium price.

But once you buy it and see it’s even illumination and die-hard durability you’ll agree it’s well worth it.


  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 14 LED lights
  • Easy storage
  • Long-lasting components
  • Adjustable light settings
  • Made in the USA


  • Premium priced

Lumiens L9 LED Orchestra Lamp Review

The Lumiens L9 offers a great light at a great value. The LED bulbs are specially designed to provide a completely even light so there’s no part of the sheet music you can’t read.

The flexible arm can move in any direction you like. Whether you’re reading large print chord charts or finely detailed orchestrations the Lumiens has you covered. And it has two intensity settings so you don’t unintentionally steal the spotlight.

The clamp is outfitted with a special silicon buffer that protects against vulnerable surfaces like polished wood. And the light can operate with its 78-inch power cord or three AA batteries. It is rated for 20 hours of continuous use with three standard AA batteries.

The L9 is also very easily stored. It has a flexible gooseneck which allows it to collapse into a remarkably small space. This means it will easily fit into any extra space you may have in one of your bags or cases.

It is also notably versatile. Many players actually use it as a reading lamp as well as for sheet music.

One downside of the Lumiens lamp is that it does not come with rechargeable batteries. The batteries it does come with are not the best so plan on replacing them with heavy use.

The L9 isn’t a top of the line professional light but it gets the job done more than satisfactorily. The appeal (and price!) of this light is undeniable and it has garnered rave reviews since it went on the market.

If you need a new light for your music stand or another light for home practice, this Lumiens model is probably the best for the money.


  • Evenly distributed light
  • Flexible arm
  • Protects surfaces
  • Power cord or AA battery
  • Easily stored
  • Can be used anywhere


  • Default batteries aren’t great

Kootek Portable Clip-On Music Stand Light Review

The Kootek Clip On-Light is a professional grade light at an entry level price.

It has three different power modes – an AC adapter, a USB adapter and a built-in lithium rechargeable battery. This gives you maximum flexibility for powering the light at home, at rehearsal or on a gig.

The Kootek, also has two brightness levels. This is a nice feature for those who play in orchestra pits or other light sensitive venues.

The light can either be stood up on its own or it can clip onto anything sufficiently thin. The clip has a protective coating to ward off inadvertent scratching of vulnerable surfaces.

This Kootek design can also be used for any application you can think of, not just for music stands. It will clip on to any protrusion less than about an inch thick.

Of course, it’s designed to illuminate sheet music. The flexible neck allows you to custom aim the nine LED bulbs for maximum luminance on the page.

The Kootek will light a typical stand’s bookplate with almost perfectly even illumination across the surface. This is in contrast to older filament bulbs which often left the extremities of the page dark and hard to read.

A potential drawback of this light is that both the AC and USB power cords are only 6 feet. That may sound long but in practice, it is quite short. For gigs, the light will most likely have to be battery-powered.

In summary, the Kootek Clip-On Music Stand Light is a fantastic bargain for the price.


  • Three different power modes
  • Nine LED’s
  • Two brightness levels
  • Can stand up or clip on
  • Portable
  • Flexible neck


  • Short power cable

Lightess Music Stand Light Review

The Lightess Music Stand Light is a reliable, flexible solution for serious musicians who need a light that’s as good as they are.

It is flexible enough to fit any music stand. Its neck is also long enough that you can entirely illuminate almost any score no matter how large.

This particular Lightess model is also very energy efficient, unlike some LEDs. It is rated for 20 hours of continuous use with three AA batteries, but in use, it’s reported to last for much longer.

You also have the convenient options to power it with a USB adapter or by A/C adapter. This makes it particularly nice for home use because it can be plugged in virtually anywhere without needing new batteries.

The clip is coated with anti-abrasive padding. This means The Lightess isn’t just limited to being used for music stands. Many people find it makes a great reading light and even performs well in their shop.

It also features two intensity settings so you won’t unduly interfere with dark stage sets if you’re in the orchestra pit.

One of the drawbacks with this design is it’s not quite as wide as some of its competitors. It has only nine LED lights. But the neck is sufficiently long that the light source can be evenly trained on any stand’s bookplate.

The Lightess Music Stand Light is an energy efficient, high utility tool that any musician will be happy to own. And it’s also available at a great price.


  • Nine LED’s
  • Powered by battery, USB adaptor or A/C
  • Energy efficient
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Universal clip
  • Two intensity settings


  • Not as wide as comparable models

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