5 Of The Best Flute Case Covers

While most flutes, even used ones, will come with their own case, it may not provide the level of protection or comfort that you need. They can be very uncomfortable to carry, bulky, have poor latches and not offer enough protection from moisture and the elements.

A good flute case cover solves all these problems. They offer relatively inexpensive ways to protect your investment whilst simultaneously improving comfort and convenience. Two things that are vital if you or your child has to walk or take public transport with their instrument.

Our reviews of the best flute case covers can help you choose the perfect model to fit your instrument, budget and style.

First, let’s look at what the right case cover can offer you.

Protect Your Investment!

Many cheap (or “free”) flute cases are often made of relatively inexpensive plastic with cheap metal latches. Anyone with a good deal of experience transporting band instruments will tell you that these latches fail all too often. Needless to say, $1000 worth of sterling silver finery freefalling even briefly onto a concrete sidewalk or a marble floor will likely be the end of your flute. With a good case cover that can’t happen.

A well-padded case cover will also provide your flute with additional protection against both the elements and impacts. Many hard plastic cases are minimally or cheaply padded. The buttons on the body and foot joint are particularly vulnerable to any kind of shock.

Also, many factory cases do not really keep water out in heavy rain or after falling into standing water. The last thing you need is mold spores growing on the inside of your flute bag. Or God forbid –  getting into the headjoint itself.

More Storage & Comfort

The best flute case covers will provide you with extra storage space and extreme ease of transportation. Many have enough space for a piccolo, cleaning supplies and even sheet music. While padded shoulder straps and handles mean you can walk for miles with your flute in greater comfort.

For these reasons choosing one of the following case covers will prove a solid investment.

Flute Case Cover Reviews

The Fluterscooter Couture  Review

The Fluterscooter Couture is an elegantly functional cover with serious style. Its spacious interior has enough room to fit both a flute and piccolo case. And there’s plenty of room to spare for your sheet music and other accessories too.

The Couture cover is made of a tough, high-quality canvas that’s both durable and protective. The water-resistant exterior protects from water damage in heavy rain, or in case of accidental submersion.

The beautiful exterior is matched on the inside by plush velvet lining. Everything about this bag exudes quality. The heavy zipper is similar to what you would find on a high-end purse.

There are a number of designs available, including “Country Chic”, “Camo” (pictured) and pink “New York Glam”. You’ll pay a little more for the Flutescooter but the fine tailoring and fine materials make the bag well worth it.  Find the latest online price here.


  • Fits both flute and piccolo
  • High-quality canvas
  • Black velvet liner
  • Lots of space
  • Wears like purse


Higher priced than competition

Sedona B Foot Flute Case Cover Review

The Sedona B Foot Case Cover is a sleek, functional accessory that will make carrying your instrument much easier.

The adjustable shoulder strap makes it feel as if you aren’t even carrying anything. The strap is also detachable on this model so it won’t get in your way when you don’t need it. On top of that, there is a padded handle for those times you only need to walk short distances.

The case comes in four colors and is an attractive, understated design. The exterior is super durable, providing an additional buffer to keep your flute safe. When that accidental bump or drop inevitably happens a cheap standalone case may not be enough to prevent damage.

The exterior is also water resistant. Many flutists don’t often consider it but water can quite easily creep into stock plastic cases, especially in heavy rain or an accidental immersion.Even a little bit of moisture inside the case can give rise to hazardous mold spores.

This bag also comes with a large outside pocket. While it’s not quite big enough to fit most piccolos it’s still plenty of room for cleaning supplies, pens and even sheet music.

The main drawback with this design is you can’t transport both flute and piccolo.

But overall for the price, it could be the best case cover for the money!


  • Durable & Spacious
  • Fits B-Foots
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Padded handles
  • Extra outside pocket
  • Water resistant


  • Isn’t designed for flute + piccolo

Protec Flute Case Cover Review

The Protec Flute Case Cover will keep your flute safe and look good doing it. The streamlined, jet black case could befit a Navy Seal and it’s just as effective as one in its mission. The tough nylon exterior is nearly waterproof. The additional padding adds a layer of protection for your flute against impacts and drops.

This case cover is designed to carry a piccolo in the outer pocket. Additionally, there’s copious space on the inside. The bag can hold almost any model of flute case. And fitting all your sheet music, cleaning supplies, pens and everything else an active musician needs inside will be no problem.

You’ll love the many handles, making the case ultra easy to move from any position. The padded shoulder strap is both removable and adjustable. The nylon construction and heavy, luggage-grade zippers are proven components that will last a lifetime.

This is a very comfortable case to wear over long distances. Even with a full load, it’s barely noticeable while wearing the soft shoulder strap.

One negative side of this bag is that the shoulder straps can occasionally get in the way while loading and unloading gear.However, the straps are easily detachable in one click.

The bottom line is with this Protec Case Cover you’re getting a solid, great looking case for a fantastic price.


  • Shoulder strap
  • Piccolo fits in exterior pocket
  • Will fit most cases
  • Tons of extra space
  • Very durable
  • Lots of carry options


  • Shoulder strap gets in way

Kaces Cover Case for Flute Review

If you need to carry your flute and piccolo this Kaces Cover Case has the size and sturdiness to get the job done. Its large main compartment has enough space to store your instruments plus sheet music, cleaning implements and anything else you need.

Its sleek appearance is unlike any other case covers on the market. And it’s as functional as it is stylish. It will make carrying your instrument and accessories for long distances a breeze. The durable nylon construction and extra padding of the Kaces cover will protect your flute from bumps and bangs, too.

The removable shoulder straps are comfortable enough that you can easily carry your flute for miles.

The only drawback of this flute case cover is that it doesn’t have a zipper. Instead, the cover snaps into place. But overall this is a stylish, functional case cover that will allow you to look good and keep everything safe.

You can find the latest price for the Kaces cover here.


  • Large main compartment
  • Unique, classy design
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Extra padding


  • No zipper

Cavallaro Flute Case Cover Review

If you have a french style case, this Cavallaro case cover is ideal. It will fit snugly, and there’s a little bit of room to squeeze in some cleaning swabs and clothes, too.

Cavallaro is a much-loved brand among flutists, and many report their well-made products lasting for more than ten years. So you’re certain to get your money’s worth and get great protection for your instrument at the same time.

The cover itself is made from tough pack cloth and a urethane finish, making it practically waterproof. It also has special shock-absorbing padding. This can dramatically lessen the energy transferred to your flute in an impact event like the dropping the case on a sidewalk.

The inner is made from imitation pack wool and is designed to protect your instrument from temperature and humidity changes.

This particular model also has an attached handle and a padded shoulder strap that is removable. It will make carrying your hard case much more comfortable and convenient.

Different size covers are available such as for C-Foot flutes.

You can find the latest price for this Cavallaro cover here.


  • Tight fit
  • Room for cleaning implements
  • Shoulder strap
  • Water-resistant urethane
  • Different sizes available
  • Very durable


  • Doesn’t fit all flutes


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