The 5 Best Flute Cases for Any Budget

Need a new flute case? Looking for something that’s more stylish, comfortable, and  convenient? We can help!

A new flute case can help make things particularly more comfortable and convenient for young children.

Scroll down to see some bright, lightweight designs which are much more convenient to travel with than big, bulky hard cases.

On this page, you’ll find 5 of the best flute cases for any budget.

Sky “C” Flute Lightweight Case Review

The Sky C Flute Lightweight Case is a great way to carry your instrument in comfort and style. With this chic case,  you’ll set the tone for your section, first chair or not.

This case is designed for C foot flutes. It also has auxiliary compartments with ample room for accessories like sheet music, pencils and cleaning products.

It’s utilitarian, lightweight design is meant for sustained use. This is a fantastic choice for students who walk to school or flutists who commute by public transportation. It’s both durable and heavily padded to protect against damage to your instrument.

It is zipper sealed. Those disastrous latch failures that too often send delicate instruments hurling towards the concrete at gravity’s mercy are completely avoided.

There is also a padded shoulder strap as pictured. The case is meant to be worn over the shoulder in the style of a travel bag or purse. As a means of carrying your cherished instrument, it could hardly be improved upon.

You do need to know that this design won’t fit all B foot joint flutes. (We recommend this Gator one for those)

This is an easy case to love and at a great price. There are also 9 colors to choose from (including pink!).


  • Slick, stylish look
  • Designed for C foot
  • Pockets for additional storage
  • Lightweight
  • Shoulder strap
  • 9 Colors available


  • Won’t fit all B foot joints

Beaumont C-Foot Flute Box Case Review

Strike up the band’s envy with the gorgeous Beaumont Box Flute Case.

This classy design is as useful as it is bold. It features both a carry handle and a padded shoulder strap. This makes carrying your flute over long distances both hands-free and comfortable. And the fortissimo color scheme will make you the first chair of fashion. Who said orchestra had to be all about music?

On a bluer note sometimes accidents happen. The Beaumont is designed with protecting your flute as the goal. The thick padding acts as a shock absorber, protecting the fragile keys, springs and rods the brunt of heavy impacts. And the ultra-strong YKK zippers ensure your flute case won’t suddenly dump its precious cargo on the concrete floor.

The case’s compartments are voluminous enough to fit all cleaning supplies and accessories you may need.

Another benefit of the peacock paint job is that your flute will stand out. It’s so easy, especially in large bands or orchestras, to get instruments mixed up. With all the chitin black cases laying around like a colony of ants it’s easy to spot the ladybug among them. With such a stylishly unique case, accidentally grabbing the wrong one is nearly impossible.

One thing to note however is that this case will not fit every B foot flute.

Overall, this is a cool case that will last. It’s among the best of its kind and available at a great price.


  • For C foot flutes
  • Thick padding protects flute
  • Comes with shoulder strap
  • Stands out, harder to misplace
  • Fits cleaning products


  • Will not fit B foot

Pro Tex Slimline Flute Case PB308TB Review

The Pro Tex Slimline is an elegantly understated flute case that will help you look as good as you play. The case features a side pocket large enough accommodate a piccolo. Its main case is similarly cavernous with plenty of room for all your gear.

It comes with a convenient shoulder strap and an ID tag. It’s designed to be comfortably hauled for long distances. Even for a light instrument, the difference between hand-held and shoulder slung cases can be really felt on long walks.

The The Pro Tex PB308TB  is made from ballistic-grade nylon, a material of staggering durability. It’s also water resistant. The amply padded, impenetrable case will protect your flute from strong impacts that may damage it in other cases.

This is a multi-use case designed for both B and C foot joints flutes. While all flutes will fit in the Pro Tex, certain B joint models may not fit perfectly.

Overall, this it alot less bulky than other flute cases, yet still offers an outstanding level of protection. You can find the latest price online here.


  • Large external pocket
  • Ultra-strong nylon
  • Shoulder strap and ID tag
  • Both B and C foot compatible
  • Professional, business-like appearance


  • Doesn’t fit all B foots

WolfPak Polyfoam Flute Case Review

With the Wolfpak Polyfoam flute case you can carry your instrument in style.

The sleek black design is an elegant, tasteful way to protect your flute while minimizing the fatigue of long walks with it. The padded shoulder straps make carrying your flute, piccolo and all accessories almost unnoticeable.

Unlike the snaps on so many cheap instrument cases, the chance of the Wolfpak’s heavy-duty zippers failing is close to nil. The case also protects your instrument from the elements. The tough nylon material is highly water resistant. And the poly foam construction is designed to absorb shocks that could damage or break a flute carried in a cheap plastic case.

The modern, minimalist design is an elegant statement of professionalism. One potential negative is the shoulder strap may be too short for particularly tall flutists. But overall this is a serious case for serious players which can only be highly recommended.

You can find the online price here.


  • Tough nylon construction
  • Holds additional piccolo
  • Room for cleaning items
  • Keeps flute safe
  • Stylish design


  • Shorter shoulder strap

Gator GL-Flute-A Case Review

A problem with many Flute cases is they will not fit many B foots. You’ll be pleased to know this one does.

This is a really bright, lightweight flute case from Gator with a lot of storage options. It can fit a piccolo case in its front pocket and there’s a separate space for a cleaning rod and cloths. There’s an outside zippered pouch to get important things like cell phones, ID passes and keys in a hurry, too.

You also have the choice of using a detachable shoulder strap or the grip handles. Another great feature of this Gator design is its light weight. If you have a child that’s complaining about lugging around a hard case, this one will make them feel much happier.

A drawback with this design is it doesn’t open flat. This means you have to hold it open with one hand whilst you disassemble and put the flute inside with the other. At the beginning, this is a bit tricky, especially for younger children.

Overall, this is a stylish, lightweight case that can fit B-foots and much more besides. It’ s available in black, pink and purple.

You can find the latest price here.

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Flute Case

Here are 5 strong reasons to upgrade your flute case.

1. Increased Comfort

Have to walk long distances with or spend a lot of time carrying your flute? You’ll need a comfortable flute case.

For anyone who walks to school or uses public transportation an aftermarket case is a must-have. Hard cases just will not fit nicely inside of backpacks or other carry luggage. This means you’ll be forced to carry the hard case with one hand everywhere you go – which is a real inconvenience.

A nice shoulder-carry design can make transporting your instrument much easier.

2. Increased Protection

A well-padded case can offer a bit more protection against trauma to your flute. Hard cases often have minimal shock absorption and so the smallest bumps can potentially jar fragile components loose.

Accidentally smacking the wall or dropping your flute can mean a trip to the technician. Not something you have time for when you’re rushing to your next performance.

3. Keep Hold Of Your Flute!

As a student you’re busy. Your instrument is just one of many pressing issues taking up mental bandwidth. With a hard case, you’ll be picking up and setting it down multiple times a day.

Take it from me, you will eventually leave it behind somewhere. If you’re lucky you’ll remember five minutes later that you left it in science class. If you’re not lucky, you’ll realize five hours later you left it on the city bus. That’s a $1000 mistake no one needs to make.

With a case with a shoulder strap, you won’t need to set it down so much in the first place. But even if you do, you’re a lot more likely to notice something missing from around your shoulder than you are if it’s missing from your hand.

4. More Hygenic Storage

Many students store their cleaning cloths and swabs together with their flute. This could lead to mold spores actually getting into the head joint and being inhaled! (Find more information about mold here.)

The best flute cases offer more compartments for increased convenience and hygiene. Not only can you keep the swabs separate, but you’ll also have space for cleaning pads, rods and even sheet music and humidity sensors.

5. More Style

Nothing’s drabber than black plastic. Why lug around a cheap relic that looks like a set piece from a 1950’s funeral parlor? There are so many fantastic cases and colors out there for you to show your style.

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